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Telepathic Practicum

When: July 2021 – Contact for dates and times.

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Telepathic Communication Practicum (previously called Spirit Quest)

Puts into motion the power of telepathic communication. The practical 21st century application of this powerful form of communication is unprecedented in its value to enhance manifestation and good living for the intentionally conscious person. The Practicum is used as a teaching template for the development of telepathic communications and how this is used with the spirits of nature and the middle world. The Practicum teaches how to build spiritual power and spiritual connection. Whether people are going “on the hill” to quest, or in camp supporting the questers, this experience is rich in lessons about spirit.

We come together as a community and through love and spirit; we relearn and expand our ability to communicate telepathically. As supporters in camp, we learn to enhance our abilities to send our energy and power to those on the hill. This generates an energetic current for the questers to use during their quest, that they may be unable to reach alone.

For those questing, this intensive is an opportunity to utilize the power generated under you, for you, by the supporters in the camp, to go further than you think you can go on your own. Through ceremony, ritual, ample opportunity to talk from the heart, and other practices, you are able to acknowledge, and then leave behind, whatever might stand in the way of your spiritual rebirth. You reach for the stars on behalf of your life, your family or community, learning more about who you are and where you are going.

At Telepathic Practicum, our collective power is greater than the power of the individual. Each of us gains a collective healing. Here we rediscover that, truly, we are one.

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