Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge ceremony is a deeply powerful ceremony for purification and prayer, for those who seek healing, contemplation, and community. For LightSong course participants, it is the perfect opportunity to explore and expand on their connections with their helping spirits.

The pouring of our lodges adheres to ways of the peoples who gave us this way of prayer and purification. And so, there are some guidelines to follow, described below, and further illuminated at the ceremony. We follow the ways so that the medicine of the ceremony can come through for the people. We also listen for how to be in ceremony in these unusual times of the Pandemic. We trust, and are invited to learn, observe and trust that we, each other and Earth are served and supported this ceremony.

Currently, lodges are poured by Lauri Shainsky, Ph.D., LightSong Associate Teacher/Shamanic Sound Healer, and are held virtually--using Zoom. As a community and a school exploring 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine in the modern world, we have been given the gift and opportunity to learn and experience just how potent virtual ceremony is--how lodge transforms and creates shifts in these new ways, beyond what we imagined! We are all connected, and through these virtual ceremonies, we experience this, and are deeply moved and served. 

The ceremonies occur on seasonally significant days (or as near as possible)—the equinoxes and the solstices. The LightSong lodge is open to LightSong students and community members. To participate in any of the lodges, all that is required is that you RSVP at least 4 days before the lodge is to occur

To read more about how to prepare for these ceremonies go to:


Please contact [email protected] to join in, and/or if you have questions.