Universal Truths by Jan Engels-Smith

Univeral Truths

You are an incredible spirit of divine perfection, the same composition as God. Creator is an ocean and you are a drop of water in that ocean. You carry within you the exact components and properties of the entire ocean. You are made of God, in the reflection of God, and God is in you.

This doesn’t mean that you are God (as a drop of water is not the ocean) or that God takes on a human form as a woman or man (as the ocean is not a drop of water). It means that your spirit, which is housed in your body, is part of a giant whole that we refer to as Great Spirit. God has many names: Great Spirit, All That Is, Mother/Father, Great Mystery, Allah, and Lord. All are interchangeable. In fact, everything is made up of the same energy. All things, every tree, rock, grain of sand, gust of wind, drop of water, animal, insect, bird, planet, star, all things are expressions of the divine and we are all interconnected in a divine and profound way.

The universe is unlimited and if you choose to explore it you will awaken to a whole new way of knowing, a whole new way of being. Spirit is available to all people at equal levels; there is no “better than,” or “more deserving.” The choice to raise your consciousness means to broaden your awareness, open up to new possibilities, step out of your comfort zone, and allow information other than what you already “know”.

The following basic truths are unifying principles that I have learned in my work with the spirits. They present concepts about healing and working with energy. Throughout my book I cite case histories and suggest how you might apply them to your own life to enhance your process of healing and well-being. I guarantee that if you make them a part of your daily life, your life will change accordingly.

Anyone at any time can make choices for happiness and for healing.

This includes YOU.

Read the following universal truths and begin to ask how they might affect your life.

Universal Truths:

1. God loves and values you unconditionally.

2. You are first and foremost a spirit, a soul having an earth experience. This Earthwalk is but one fraction of your being.

3. Your spirit has a divine purpose.

4. You agreed to forget previous existence. This makes becoming enlightened a quality of remembering who you are. Remembering is embracing this reality and then making the necessary changes in your life to reflect this truth. Respect, honor, compassion, and reverence for all life are necessary components for the path to awareness.

5. You are here on Earth to experience, to co-create with Creator, and to remember. If you do nothing more from this point on in your personal growth, you will achieve two out of the three before you die. You will experience and you will co-create. You can’t help it. It is happening every second of every day. It will, however, take a conscious decision to remember. It is a conscious decision to awaken, to grow spiritually, to become.

6. Walking the spiritual path means that you made a decision to seek the truth of who you are. The quality of life that you live is strictly a matter of choice. You may choose to live your life at any level of awareness; all are honored and respected; nothing is judged.

7. The Universe is continually offering opportunities, opening doors, and answering prayers. You can choose to be conscious and awaken to these offerings.

8. Judgments, punishments, opinions of right and wrong or good and bad are human concepts. These concepts are illusions, which hide the perfection of the soul. Judgments and punishments do not exist in the spirit world.