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As an expression of my appreciation, I would like to gift you with a free stellar guided meditation.

The intention of this meditation is to move your consciousness out of the limitations of your physical body into the quantum fields of your Super Self.

The Super Self exists in the fields of positive potential and possibility without the confines of physical limitation.

You can learn to consciously move into your Super Self and spend time there which directly heals your body and eases your mind.

Warning! Prolonged use of this meditation might cause the experience of abiding joy, a sense of empowerment and connection to all that is!!

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I hope you enjoy your guided meditation experience. You will find the images on this page helpful to remember while listening.

The image of the Super Self is described in detail in the guided meditation. The hands are reaching into the quantum fields of all positive potential where the answers to your prayers, desires and dreams reside.

Super Self
Field of All Possibilities

I suggest that you consider challenging yourself to a 21-day extravaganza, using this guided meditation each day. I believe you will be amazed at the changes you find in your day to day experience of life.

Have fun with and enjoy!!