Shamanic Curse Unraveling

On Shamanic Curse Unraveling

Everything is energy. Not just solid material objects that have a measurable energy fields extending around them, but invisible energy that constitutes words, thoughts, and feelings. In fact it is the energy of words, thoughts and feelings that create the building blocks of manifestation. Expanding on this concept it is easy to understand that combining strong emotion and strong intent (focused energy) can be used to create harm or good. Curses are intended to create harm, misfortune, illness or even death. Curses, spells, vows, declarations, contracts, thoughtforms, and promises are part of every culture that exists.  They are constructs of energy that have pervasive effects and can last for lifetimes.  These matrix’s of energy control to some extent everyone.  They are constructs that have been put together though the powerful energy of words and they can be deconstructed and created null and void.  This frees the one that was the recipient of the energy even when it was done to self. Yes, we do unconsciously curse ourselves.

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