LightSong’s Vision 

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is dedicated to the cultivation of thriving interlaced communities of well-beings through the exploration and practice of shamanism and alternative energy medicine. 

LightSong’s mission

LightSong’s Mission is to provide excellence in shamanic and energy medicine education and to support personal growth for well-being, adapting ancient healing techniques to contemporary life in the 21st Century. LightSong students and staff contribute to the growing body of shamanic knowledge and experience and assist in the evolution and refinement of shamanism as a contemporary healing art form. Utilizing energy medicine and shamanic practices, all LightSong members participate regularly in focusing the vibration of love towards healing ourselves, each other, and the planet.

LightSong goals

All LightSong’s trainings, workshops and ceremonies seek to:

  • encourage people to connect and gain wisdom from compassionate spirits for growth and healing;
  • create a safe environment for personal and spiritual growth;
  • inspire great acts of love and spread joy;
  • invite and encourage the use of conscious intention and prayer;
  • encourage people to transcend the limitations of their ego and to live from their true self or divine self-perspective;
  • help people strive and reach beyond the current paradigms of limitation and scarcity;
  • assist people to persevere in challenging times, relying on inner knowledge and experiential strength; and
  • create a network of people that are role models for the future of shamanism and energy medicine.

LightSong's principles and philosophy

All the Programs and Practices of LightSong are based on the following values and principles:

  • The complete expression of Love is the highest goal;
  • Healing ourselves is central to facilitating the healing of others;
  • The importance of acknowledging and respecting our teachers, the origins of our practices, and our mentors;
  • Belief in compassionate spirits and the divine self as the basis for all healing;
  • The united belief in the positive, generative nature of the universe;
  • Utilizing the Laws of Attraction as a template for humanities highest good;
  • Words and thoughts are always conscious, positive, constructive and respectful;
  • Trusting completely in the Higher Power regardless of the name one chooses to call it;
  • The willingness to open to spiritual guidance in developing honesty and clarity in one’s thinking;
  • The willingness to recognize prejudice, bias, or projection in oneself and replace it with truth and love;
  • The conscious awareness of tempering the ego with persistence;
  • Speaking the truth without judgment or blame;
  • Respect for the right of others to form their own values and beliefs;
  • Honoring your own learning from experience and inner guidance as well as those of your teachers;
  • Basing the value of a theory or technique on the verifiable results it helps one achieve;
  • Using negative and positive experiences to heal and grow;
  • Being open to results rather than attached to them;
  • Taking personal responsibility for one’s situation in life;
  • Holding compassion for those who have decided not to do this;
  • Realizing that transformative experiences are not limited to the course work, and contribute to a well-rounded healer;
  • Appreciating the fact that healing and growth is maximized when we transcend the limitations of the ego and live from our true, divine self;
  • Understanding that to strive and reach beyond the current paradigms of limitation and scarcity results in miraculous manifestation;
  • Recognizing that healing requires a deep belief in oneself; and
  • Knowing that there are always internal and external resources available to meet life’s challenges.


Members of the LightSong community reflect the high vibration requisite for proficient 21st Century shamans and Energy Medicine Practitioners.

When you involve yourself in LightSong, you are expected to:

  • be in alignment with LightSong’s Philosophy and Purpose;

  • agree to honor and abide by the Ethical Standards set by LightSong;

  • trust shamanic energy medicine to always provide the perfect healing result for the highest good of all concerned;

  • place no expectations or limitations on Shamanism, serving simply as a pure and open channel for the power and information to flow through you, with no attachment to the outcomes;

  • to be actively working on your own healing and personal growth—taking workshops and engaged in a spiritual practice as part of your lifestyle;

  • promote harmony in the LightSong Community; and

  • honor and respect students and clients, encouraging their independent growth, and to freely share information with them. 


LightSong promotes and upholds the following ethical standards, and requires its Practitioners to do the same:

1. Be in agreement with and working to fully express LightSong’s Philosophy and Purpose.

2. Respect Shamanic practitioners and Masters regardless of lineage or organizational affiliation. Refrain from making negative statements about other Shamanic practitioners or masters.

3. Actively work to create harmony and friendly cooperation between all Shamanic practitioners and Masters regardless of lineage or organizational affiliation.

4. Encourage all clients to use their own inner guidance in deciding who to receive Shamanic healing from or who to study Shamanism with, including the possibility of receiving healing from more than one practitioner.

5. Openly encourage all practitioners to do the best job possible.

6. Always work to empower your clients to heal themselves and to encourage and assist them in their personal growth 

7. Always treat clients with the greatest respect. Avoid all illegal or immoral activity with your clients; never touch their genital area or breasts, never ask them to disrobe, or never make sexual comments or references.

8. Abstain from the use of drugs or alcohol during all professional activities.

9. Practice Truth in Advertising. Be willing to openly discuss shamanic methods and practices, the fee that is charged, and the amount of time spent in sessions with any prospective clients. When listing your Shamanic training and/or qualifications in a bio or advertising for clients, include that you have completed the Shamanic Licensed Master’s Program with LightSong School.

10. Be open to the continuing process of enhancing your professional qualifications, training, experience, and skills.

11. Be actively working on your own healing to embody and fully express the essence of a shamanic lifestyle in everything you do.

12. Educate the client regarding the value of shamanism and energy medicine and explain that it does not guarantee a cure, and is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Acknowledge that Shamanism and Energy Medicine works in conjunction with other forms of medical or psychological care. If a client has a medical or psychological condition, suggest, in addition to giving them Shamanic healings, they see a health care practitioner if they are not already seeing one.

13. This licensure does not qualify you as a counselor or therapist, or any other kind of practitioner. Thus, you should never diagnose medical or psychological conditions or prescribe medications. Never suggest that a client change or end dosages of substances prescribed by other licensed health care providers or suggest the client change prescribed healing or interfere with the healing of a licensed health care provider.

14. We commit to assisting in advertising and promoting each other, realizing that gain for one is the gain for all.

15. To advance the healing art of Shamanism, we are also committed to establishing a standardized, organized, and consistent method of documenting learning and evolutionary changes in people, their spiritual practices, and world views. 

LightSong – Gender Inclusivity Guidelines

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine affirms that gender expression and identity may be fluid and changeable. Expressions of gender may not conform to what people expect or assume. People may express a gender of male, female, neither or both. 

As a part of LightSong’s evolving commitment to cultivate thriving communities of well-beings, and to create a safe environment for personal and spiritual growth, we extend our open-hearted embrace to all people of all genders including transgender, genderqueer, cisgender, gender non-conforming, genderfluid, and intersex. 

To help create an environment of welcome and safety to all expressions of gender you may choose to adopt the practice of stating your pronouns with your name.

Why should I give my personal pronouns with my name?

When people in a group offer their personal pronouns upon introduction it creates safety for all genders by normalizing the fact that one cannot assume what gender someone identifies with. In this way transgender, genderqueer, cisgender, gender non-conforming, genderfluid, and intersex persons are not singled out when people need to clarify what pronouns to use in conversation when referring to them. Sample wording below:

Respectfully state: “My name is ______ 

and my pronouns are (she, her; they, them; he, his; zee, zem…)

transgender: relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their sex assigned at birth.

genderqueer: an umbrella term for a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, beyond, or a combination of male and female genders.

cisgender: relating to a person whose sex assigned at birth and the gender they identify with are the same. 

gender non-conforming: relating to a person whose behavior or appearance does not conform to prevailing cultural and social expectations about what is appropriate to their gender.

genderfluid: relating to a person who remains flexible about their gender identity rather than committing to a single definition.

intersex: a person whose sex characteristics and anatomy do not fit the binary notions of male or female.