LightSong School:

LightSong is a gateway for one’s Unique Light path. A birthplace of endeavors. Jan is a dream midwife; birthing dreams, tending to them, providing a community and home base to support them.
LightSong is not unlike a nebula.


Jan Engels-Smith, founder of LightSong, as a teacher:

I had many teachers…and I really do respect them all.
When it comes to my …life lessons..

You…are .. Number One…you are unique and…beyond and after..

You are genius….I wonder…how…planet …Earth…created you..?

Love Valentina

Weekly LightSong Podcasts:

I am at work listening to these podcasts  (just finished #4) and I LOVE THEM. They have perfectly and profoundly touched on instances in my current path, of which I am so grateful. It’s funny, as I am sitting at my desk here at the firm smiling I feel Spirit confirm with me on so many resonating levels! It’s like I may have heard this before but listening to you speak honestly feels like I have made it home. That’s not to say I want to remain on this earth forever…lol.

Thank YOU Jan! LightSong is the absolute best fit for my life and I am so extremely grateful.

Best, Kristen