LightSong Doctor of Shamanism ShD (Eagle)

LightSong Doctor of Shamanism ShD (Eagle)

Application to all degree programs is on hold. We are in the process of restructuring our program requirements. Check back for the next application window. 

The ShD Program is a doctorate level shamanic training, and the highest degree of certification LightSong offers. The ShD is the LightSong Doctor of Shamanism Program. This program is for people who have a) completed all of LightSong’s courses, b) completed or currently enrolled in the BACS program, and c) completed or currently enrolled in the LMP program. The ShD program is also a prerequisite for becoming an Associate Teacher for LightSong. ShD candidates (“candidate” refers to someone who is in the program but has not yet received their ShD) accumulate extensive personal experience working with clients, and mentoring LightSong students. People who complete the program are effective and competent shamanic and energy medicine practitioners and teachers, and will be recognized as a Doctor of Shamanic Studies (ShD).

People who enter the ShD program may have as their primary goal to experience (1) the highest level of professional development in shamanic studies, and/or (2) the greatest degree of personal transformation and personal growth. This program results in both outcomes; it is lengthy, thorough and designed for the very dedicated shamanic student. For those who make the commitment, the program is life-altering, educational and healing.

Practitioners or candidates from other programs in shamanism and energy medicine are encouraged to apply and will be evaluated for equivalence in training. The amount of time needed to complete this is unique to each individual and is dependent on the candidate’s motivation, experience, and proven results in working with their spirits, clients and students.

When you are applying to this program, we recommend that you put thought and energy into your application process. Apply all of your shamanic talents to this application process, including engaging the spirits, as this process is emblematic of your shamanic talents.

As a result of all of their training and involvement at the ShD level, our practitioners will undoubtedly serve others with the highest possible integrity, are cooperative rather than competitive, and operate with ethical business-savvy. This program also assists those who passionately seek to apply a shamanic lifestyle to their personal and spiritual development to do so in a highly potent manner.

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The ShD program advances the professional development of shamanic teaching and healing in a way that brings recognition and legitimacy to shamanism as a potent form of doctoring. Towards this end, the program seeks to:

produce skilled, professional shamanic teachers at an advanced level;
empower and support people to develop their unique shamanic specialty and style as a teacher-practitioner that will advance shamanism as a healing art;
provide a framework for the establishment of peer groups where people give and receive shamanic healings, and offer valuable feedback to one another;
prepare people to establish and maintain a successful career in Shamanism and energy medicine;
advance the standards for both professional shamanic teachers and practitioners, and provide a means for assessing these standards;
promote the investigation of new knowledge in shamanism for developing new and effective techniques for healing and learning, and
provide a circle of advanced practitioners who support the inner workings of LightSong—its courses, its ceremonies.

Description of the ShD Program and Expectations of Program Candidates

Specialty Area: This program is particularly designed to encourage the development of new techniques and skills that are based on proven results. We recognize that shamanism is very fluid and is evolving. We honor all candidates’ individual styles of healing and teaching, and their individual backgrounds, and seek to assist them in their professional growth in whatever unique direction of healing they endeavor. During the ShD program, people are actively engaged in pioneering their own specialty area of shamanic practice and/or teaching. These endeavors may include developing ceremony, instructional materials, healing methodology, and/or coursework in this specialty. The area of expertise cultivated by the ShD candidate offers an extension to LightSong and expands the offerings provided by the School. This highly focused work may lead to the candidate becoming an Associate Teacher for LightSong.

LightSong Community Support: The ShD provides behind-the-scenes support that contributes to the functioning of the school, as well as cultivating a healthy LightSong community. These activities may include organizational functions like managing assistants and BACS candidates, LMP candidates and applicants. ShD candidates may play key roles in facilitating LightSong ceremonies. ShD candidates may also serve as mentors for LMP candidates and BACS candidates, providing valuable support and feedback during their respective programs. ShD candidates regularly assume leadership roles in key ceremonies and programs such as the Practicum, LV2 Residential, and Lodge. Guest instructors and medicine people frequently need advanced students to assist them in the logistics of preparing for their ceremonies and teachings, so ShD students may be called upon for this special guest support. While not explicitly true for all ShD’s, some candidates may be invited to sit on the LightSong Council and offer spiritual and logistical support in this more formal avenue of service to the School. Rich opportunities for learning how to lead healthy, thriving, productive community are a key component of the ShD Program, and of life in LightSong.

Commitment to Coursework Completion: Students in the LightSong ShD program commit to completing or have completed the same classes and requirements as those studying to become a LightSong Shamanic Licensed Master Practitioner (LMP) and BACS candidates (BACS). These requirements ensure that all LightSong ShD’s have all of the elements of the LightSong curriculum for any practice or teaching specialty that they may develop, and contribute toward the development of consistent professional standards in the field of shamanism. The ultimate and complete Sh.D. will have completed all course work, and will have assisted in all courses at least once.

Ambassadors of Shamanism: LightSong ShD’s are ambassadors that go out into the world and represent shamanism and energy medicine in a professional manner. They have mastered the requisite skills and abilities to create their unique style of shamanic healing and teaching programs. The Candidate participates as a learner of curricular elements, as well as enjoying a greater- behind-the-scenes role in contributing to the development of LightSong through the exploration and sharing of their unique leadership qualities, and their specialty area of healing.

Other Specific Activities of the ShD Candidate:

As a demonstration of their higher level of commitment and active involvement in the development of LightSong, ShD Candidates may be actively involved in the following ways:

Assisting Jan Engels-Smith (LightSong Founder and Primary Instructor) and other associate teachers, working closely with students, classes, ceremonies, business practices, and program development;
incorporating the latest research, techniques, and findings into LightSong classes and contribute to the intellectual growth of LightSong;
updating manuals, writing articles, creating professional conferences, and;
helping to establish a standardized, organized and consistent method of documenting learning and evolutionary changes in people, their spiritual practices, and world views.