LightSong Bachelor of Arts in Community Shamanism Program (Cougar)

Purpose and Goals

Application to all degree programs is on hold. We are in the process of restructuring our program requirements. Check back for the next application window. 

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Community Shamanism Program (BACS) Program is to provide a forum for students of LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine to be of service to the school and its’ students, to develop teaching and leadership skills, and to deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding of core shamanic practices, as taught by LightSong. The program provides people who are interested in advanced studies with a structured program that fosters a deepened commitment of service to others and to their own learning and shamanic spirituality. People who complete the Internship Program will have fulfilled the coursework necessary to be considered candidates of the advanced educational and practitioner programs offered by LightSong.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Community Shamanism Program (BACS) seeks to cultivate people who:

have experienced and completed advanced shamanic coursework;
demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of core shamanic practices as taught by LightSong;
connect deeply and work with Spirit in a potent manner on a regular basis and can help create the container for others to connect with Spirit;
use their experience, understanding and connection with Spirit to effectively serve others through their leadership assisting in coursework, ceremonies, and other transformative shamanic experiences offered by LightSong,
and exhibit a high level of personal development consistent with the Ethical Standards and Cultural Norms of LightSong and serve the school with integrity and heart.

Toward these goals, LightSong is committed to providing opportunities for Interns to:

Develop a comprehensive understanding of core shamanic practices through classroom and ceremony immersion. Intern Graduates will have completed student coursework in the following LightSong classes: LV1 Basic Training, LV2 Shamanic Skills, two years of LV3 Graduate, Soul Retrieval Training, Compassionate Spirit Release Training, and at least 2 sessions of the Telepathic Practicum in lead positions.

Advance their teaching and leadership skills through assisting with classes and ceremonies. Rich opportunities for learning how to cultivate and maintain a healthy, thriving, productive community is a keystone of the Internship Program, and of life in LightSong. Interns assist with many of the above- mentioned classes and play significant roles supporting LightSong ceremonies. Interns take on leadership roles by assisting and by organizing the other assistants in classes, following up with students, and helping to track learning. Interns also play major support roles for LightSong ceremonies such as the Telepathic Practicum, Talisman and Fire Walk Ceremony, and sweat lodge.

Deepen their ability to work productively with Spirit, in ordinary and non-ordinary realities concurrently, while maintaining a well-balanced state of being. Interns gain valuable experience listening to the spirits, interpreting their wisdom, channeling their power, and facilitating other’s healing and learning. These vital ways of being are continually cultivated through participation in ceremony, active engagement in coursework, listening and watching as assistants in the classroom setting, and through diligent, committed personal practice living a shamanic lifestyle.

Actualize self-determined personal goals and manifest their dreams for themselves on their path. Active pursuit of personal growth is supported throughout the Intern program through initiations with the spirits, learning from instructors, each other and students, and through navigating ordinary and non-ordinary reality while assisting and pursuing advanced knowledge in shamanism. Interns will enjoy a rich support network composed of LightSong mentors, teachers, program coordinators, the broader LightSong community and their own direct connection with Spirit. They are encouraged to be empowered creators of greatness in their lives through shamanic living and committed practice of shamanism and energy medicine.

Intentions for Skills Development in the LightSong Bachelor of Arts in Community Shamanism Program (BACS)

The Bachelor of Arts in Community Shamanism Program (BACS) offers people an opportunity to expand on the many gifts they already have, while advancing their skills in energy work, teaching and leadership, personal development and empowerment. We hold very specific intentions for the blossoming of these skills as described below.

Advancing Skills in Energy Work

As a result of your participation and commitment during your Internship, LightSong holds the intention for you to achieve enhanced abilities to:

cultivate a rich and safe environment for spiritual work, charging and keeping the learning environment with light, love and benevolent energy;
create a powerful vehicle for shamanic journeying through drumming;
be present in ordinary and non-ordinary realities concurrently, maintaining a balanced state of well-being;
communicate telepathically with compassionate loving spirits, and bring the communications through to ordinary reality and to the people with clarity and purity;
hold conscious awareness of spiritual energies, and energies that are broadcasted by others such as students in classroom or ceremonial settings, and be able to discern between the two;
formally call in the spirits through powerful invocation, and set intentions in classroom, ceremonial, and personal settings,
and learn and confidently work with healing and ceremonial songs—both your own personal given songs, and those songs shared within the LightSong community.

Leadership and Teaching

As a result of your participation and commitment during your Internship, LightSong holds the intention for you to achieve enhanced abilities to:

facilitate groups;
listen and communicate clearly and compassionately;
retain information and wisdom through focus, immersion, and documentation (note-taking);
truly serve, be a compassionate witness, and act with humility;
observe and discern at various levels of consciousness and awareness;
observe and assess student learning;
adapt explanations in classroom situations to meet the needs of individual students;
assist students in clarifying and interpreting their own journey experiences, and
aid others in their discovery of shamanism and their personal gifts.

Personal Development and Empowerment

As a result of your participation and commitment during your Internship, LightSong holds the intention for you to achieve enhanced abilities to:

connect with Spirit;
interpret and act from the perspective of the greater good;
be fully present and heart-centered;
create and work with your own altar;
connect with others and be a strong link in community;
confidently lead others in spiritual settings;
be proactive in your endeavors;
live from a place of integrity;
be dependable and follow through;
perform the basic business and computer skills needed for group and class management, and
organize and facilitate classes and ceremonies.