LightSong’s Shamanic Degreed Programs

Greetings Prospective: Bachelors, Masters, and Doctors of Shamanic Studies!

Application to all degree programs is on hold. We are in the process of restructuring our program requirements. Check back for the next application window. 

LightSong and its Council Members welcome you and invite you to inquire for yourself, with the spirits— What is your deepest desire regarding your relationship with shamanism and energy medicine? What are you seeking? What do you hope to create for yourself?

Do you wish to be recognized and credentialed for your work in shamanism? Do wish to commit yourself to a life of shamanism, healing, serving, and teaching, and be known for your exemplary success in your own unique area of healing? Do you wish to be of service to LightSong and help its community members, students, and teachers, to pursue healing and learning in a powerful way?

Beyond the core curriculum provided by the school, LightSong offers three shamanic degreed programs to deepen your relationship with shamanism and to elevate your vibration as a human being, as a healer, as a teacher, as a vehicle for the divine. These programs are: Bachelor of Arts in Community Shamanism Program (BA) Cougar, Licensed Master Practitioner Program (LMP) Falcon, and the Doctor of Shamanism Program (Sh.D.) Eagle. Each program has a particular focus, and is appropriate for people at different places in their shamanic studies.

Bachelor of Arts in Community Shamanism Program (BA) Cougar

LightSong's Shamanic Accredited Programs

If you are in the early stages of shamanic learning, and your deepest desire is to be of service to LightSong and to expand your knowledge and leadership skills, then the Internship Program may be for you. This program is for the motivated student seeking to make a commitment to shamanism and to be in service to LightSong, beyond the casual enrolling in its classes. Interns help assist during classes and ceremonies, providing an invaluable support system for LightSong students, community members, and teachers. People who complete the Internship program will have an excellent foundation in shamanic practices, finely attuned leadership skills, and a deep connection with spirit and community. Their service is the backbone of the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, for which we are deeply grateful. Click Here to learn more.

Licensed Master Practitioner Program (LMP) Falcon

LightSong's Shamanic Accredited Programs

If you are more advanced in your studies, and wish to be licensed and recognized as a master practitioner, then the LMP program may be for you. This program is designed to assist shamanic practitioners in developing a professional level of experience in applying shamanism and energy medicine to healing others, and to offer a licensing process for ensuring a standard level of care in shamanism as a healing art. LMP candidates are provided the opportunity and support for attaining highly successful healing practices with proven results for their clients, as well as an avenue to earn a credential and recognition for their high level of shamanic training. People who complete the LMP will have a license, exemplifying excellence, competence and potency in providing shamanic healing. Click Here to learn more.

Doctor of Shamanism Program (Sh.D.) Eagle

LightSong's Shamanic Accredited Programs

People who are at an advanced place in their shamanic studies, who wish to devote their life to shamanism, to pioneer new techniques in healing in a highly successful practice, to expand LightSong’s curricular offerings, and to teach in their area of specialty should inquire into the Sh.D. program. The Sh.D. Program is a doctorate level shamanic training, and the highest degree of certification LightSong offers. This program is for people who have completed all of LightSong’s courses, completed the Internship and LMP programs, and serves as a prerequisite for becoming an Associate Teacher for LightSong. Sh.D. candidates accumulate extensive personal experience working with clients and mentoring LightSong students, provide a high level of leadership and support within the school, are effective and competent shamanic and energy medicine practitioners and teachers, and will be recognized as a Doctor of Shamanism. Click Here to learn more.

This guide is designed to assist people in their inquiry into their aspirations and desires with respect to shamanism, and to help those interested in certification and advanced work in shamanism to understand and apply to the LightSong program most appropriate for their goals and experience. Three programs are presented here: In Internship, the Licensed Master Practitioner (LMP), and the Doctor of Shamanism (Sh.D.) Program. Each of these programs provide a level of certification that helps advance shamanism as an acclaimed form of healing, and supports a high standard of care for the people seeking healing. They are rigorous, and rewarding. Please remember that the council is here for you, to be in partnership with you –to help you attain your highest vision for yourself in shamanism, in healing, in life.

Good Luck. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Much love and admiration to you,
The LightSong Council