People of the New Earth

Prerequisite: Level 1

Instructor: Jan Engels-Smith

When: class is not offered in 2017.


The drawing on this page is an ascension pyramid for the New Earth. The pyramid and spiral illustration (not the classifications) came from the book “Hathors” channeled by Tom Kenyon and denotes ascension for humans. A team of us working at LightSong used this template to help explain what is needed for the New Earth to manifest in a healthy, productive way by adding the various designations to the corners and peak.

In order for the New Earth to be fully expressed and actualized on the planet, each corner post needs to be strong. Each corner post is mandatory. If one of the corner posts is weak the spiral of ascension will topple.

Even though the apex is designated as humanity, this needs to be understood as both a collective and individual term. Every person needs to apply these attributes into their daily lives. As each person does his or her share, humanity will evolve in a good way. In the gestalt, the whole will be much greater than the individual parts; however, the parts need to be strong in order to create the whole.

Competition has been imprinted in our DNA by a cultural emphasis in business, sports, education, and social interactions and it has invaded our psyche and controls many of our behaviors and attitudes. Imprint is a term that describes a kind of phase-sensitive learning. The consequences of competition undermine our efforts to form a New Earth. Competition is couched in the ego and is self-serving, promotes greed, and win-lose outcomes. To compete is an individual decision and practice is needed to not be seduced into the competition thought form.


Class meets once a week for 8 sessions.

Conference call: Number will be supplied with registration; all calls will be recorded for your convenience if you miss a class

Note the first week we will talk twice. This is to get you started and then immediately check in. Afterwards it will be a once a week teleconference class.

Practice with the quadrants in your workplace, home, and life will be expected and valuable.

Our goal is to create a momentum of success and have that stay consistent for 8 weeks.