Dream a New Dream Course

Dream a New Dream Course

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Prerequisite: Watch the “The Secret” DVD or read the book.

Course Fee: Please inquire at

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about the amazing DVD movie, “The Secret”. Oprah was so moved by the message it contains that she has done two programs on its topic! “The Secret” is selling worldwide and the demand for more information about its core message-the Law of Attraction is creating a stir in all areas of personal development and human potential disciplines. Jan is a master teacher of energy medicine; transformation. Learn how to personally apply the teachings of “The Secret” to your life.

Jan’s first exposure to the truths outlined in “The Secret” occurred in 1985 after she did a life-changing workshop with Dennis Waitley, one of the guests in the DVD “The Secret.”  Jan has taught and guided individuals in how to apply these truths throughout her career. Her book Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart, is based on these concepts. Her CD collection of Awaken~Unburden~Create uses guided meditations to help individuals feel the potential of their being.