LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine Courses


Advanced Courses

303   Soul Retrieval Training

304   Compassionate Spirit Release (Depossession)

401   The Evolved Shaman: Sitting in Circle With the Gods (LV4)

402   Advanced Soul Retrieval Training

403   Advanced Compassionate Spirit Release (Depossession)

404   Curse Unraveling

LightSong offers courses for those with a casual interest in shamanism as well as those who desire to become shamanic practitioners. All courses are taught with the highest of integrity and by highly skilled practitioners.

The LightSong curriculum encourages a shamanic lifestyle through a philosophy of loving compassion and committed practice. Taken as a purposeful series, LightSong courses provide a cohesive set of training’s full of experiences with time-honored healing techniques, potent initiations, and ceremonies. LightSong courses also provide those with a casual interest in shamanism or a desire to experience personal growth with an opportunity to explore their spirituality from a shamanic perspective.

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