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LightSong School of Shamanic Studies


101 Basic Shamanic Journey Skills
111 Sweat Lodge
201 The Practical Shaman
211 Telepathic Practicum
301 The Universal Shaman


303 Soul Retrieval Training
304 Compassionate Spirit Release
401 Sitting in Circle with the Gods
402 Adv. Soul Retrieval Training
403 Advanced Compassionate Spirit Release (depossession)
404 Curse Unraveling


102 Invocation Training
104 LightSong’s Mystery School Approach: Beyond the Five Senses
105 Dream a New Dream
150 Reiki I & II
212 Awakened Grace
213 Focus the Mind
214 Medicine for the Earth
230 Shamanic Sound Healing
231 Shamanic Sound Intensive
240 Language of the Heart Series
250 Reiki ART/Master
350 Karuna Reiki ®


260 Assistant's Training
261 Basic Shamanic Journey Skills
262 Spiritual Techniques for the 21st Century Shaman
263 The Universal Shaman: Beyond the Personal
311 Medicine Wheel LEAD roles


500 Ongoing Mentorship


Accredited/Credentialed Programs Summaries
Internship Program, Cougar
Licensed Master Practitioner, Falcon
Doctorate of Shamanism, Eagle

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