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LightSong School of Shamanic Studies

(LV I) Through the Rabbit Hole: Basic Shamanic Journey Skills
Begins October 17, 2014
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LightSong School of Shamanic Studies

Located near Portland, Oregon. 

Advanced Courses

304- Compassionate Spirit Release (Depossession)

Prerequisite: LV1 and LV2

Next Offering: TBA
Course Fee: $385.00
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Instructor: Jan Engels-Smith
Article on Depossession by Betsy Bergstrom, Download.

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Compassionate Spirit Release (CSR) Training is a form of basic shamanic depossession and clearing work that incorporates the partnership of the Light of the Creator and the Heart Light of the practitioner. This partnership, along with the Helping Spirits, aids the clearing process to safely and respectfully free human beings (and animals) from possession by suffering beings of all kinds. Sometimes, a person who has experienced soul loss or other traumas may find that they have become a host to suffering beings or entities. These suffering beings may live off of a person's energy and influence them in a variety of ways. Substance abuse, illness, depression, phobias, emotional problems, suicidal tendencies and other issues may be in part due to the influence or overshadowing of beings that have attached to the client. These beings are, themselves, people whose own death experience has become compromised in such a way that they did not successfully make their own journey to the Light. The Compassionate Spirit Release or depossession is a heartfelt humane therapy that benefits both the client and the attached suffering being, even if that suffering being is reluctant to cross into the Light. This training will teach students spiritual protection as well as methods for spirit release centered depossession.

Material Covered:

~Nature & fundamentals of possession and multiple possessions

~The nature and possibilities of the Middle World

~Middle World protection and Allies

~Recognition of possession and multiple possessions

~Techniques for clearing the suffering beings including live demonstrations

~Importance of clearing for the suffering being's themselves

~Post-clearing protocols, aftercare for clients

~Required healing for client's nervous system and psyche

~Personal protocol and care for self, before and after doing this work

This workshop requires a lot of compassion for the afflicted client as well as the suffering beings responsible. Attention is given to the destiny of the cleared suffering beings, ultimately to prevent more or continued possession. A strong ability to journey and confidence in connecting with Helping Spirits is a necessity.

**Curse Unraveling is usually taught at the end of Compassionate Spirit Release (Depossession). This year I am creating two separate classes. The contents for each class requires more time. It is highly recommended that curse unraveling is taken if you take Compassionate Spirit Release. After this year, it will not be an option to take these independent of each other. But since it was not advertised that way, I am not making it mandatory. Just highly recommended.

Core Courses

303 Soul Retrieval Training
304 Compassionate Spirit Release
401 Sitting in Circle with the Gods
402 Adv. Soul Retrieval Training
403 Advanced Compassionate Spirit Release (depossession)
404 Curse Unraveling

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